Shattered Empires

Journal Entry - Cylus - Day 36
Vaguely Drunken Bedside Musings

It's been over a month since I joined duty underneath of Baron Deagrath. Over that month I've learned several things: One, that one should never talk directly to him unless asked to, and two, he's got a treacherous temper when spoken to without prompting. My job in his service is simply this; stand still for hours on end and look like a menacing brute. I don't exactly appreciate the rank, but at least it pays. Plus I get to bunk with the rest of the guys, and the food more oft-then-not is halfway decent.

The other thing I've realized is that political functions and parties are as boring as watching people lay bricks. Nothing happens beside a lot of talking and drinking of all of their snooty wines. And what do they talk about? How peasants are disgusting and about how they plan on making the world better. Do they act upon those words? Not even a bit.

I, at least, am a man who keeps his word. If I say I'm going to kill you, then I AM going to kill you. Unless I was kidding, but that's beside the point. Lies about fixing the world are no joking matter, and half the time I have to suppress the urge to leap forward and strangle the nearest nicely-dressed man or woman.

"Too bad none of them would be able to stop you." I always think, half of me trying to goad myself into doing it, the other half heartily arguing that it doesn't want to be considered an outlaw.

Still, the guys provide comfort enough from the quarrels of the aristocratic bastards. We go drinking just about every night now, unless we're called in for duty. And most of the time Baron Dea-asshat has some bubble-headed girl over or is getting his beauty sleep, so we have the nights free. We walk into the first tavern we find, sit down with a bunch of beer, and play Three Dragon Ante* until we're falling-out-of-our-chairs drunk. It's a great release after a long day of listening to political quibbling all fuckin' day.

All in all, I guess there's something to be said for honesty and a good ol' tankard of ale. Now THERE'S something I can raise my drink in toast for.

*Three Dragon Ante is the D&D equivalent of a game of Poker.


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