Background Knowledge

The Year is 1200 of the fitfh age, and the world is in turmoil. The once great empires of Razagrath and Niotele have fallen. Each of these empires have been split into small kingdoms, all of which are at war with one another. All of which commit genocide on a daily basis. All of which are desperate to survive. The greedy nobles and lords of each land constantly attack defenceless villages and attempt to add to their own empire, hoping to rebuild Razagrath or Niotele. However, there is one small bonds that many of the countries share; the empire they originally belonged to. This last strand of hope has split the world into two uneasy alliances, The Razan and the Separate Nio Republics. These two factions, while fighting amongst themselves, focus their attacks on the other alliance.


The Alliance of Razan is made up of the countries and provinces that originally made up Razagrath. These provinces are as follows:
  • Altrier
  • Arnizon
  • Calinthir
  • Ozrigoth
  • Talien
  • Vrilia

The Separate Nio Republics

The Alliance of The Separate are the provinces left over from Niotele. They are as follows:
  • Asrigin
  • Balow
  • Gegrar
  • Jefria
  • Tiliamenburg
  • Zal

Your background

You will start as citizens from the province of Asrigin, of the Seperate Nio Republics.

Background Knowledge

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