The ancient Empire of Razagrath was founded in the year 327 during the third age on the continent of Rathel. There, they persuaded the tribal people of many races to join their empire and reap the rewards. Many joined, many did not.

The Unification Crusade

Many of the tribes on Rathel refused to accept Razagrathian rule over them. Instead, they rebelled and fought off what they saw as tyrants. Razagrath saw them as no real threat since they were not unified, and thus let them be.

400 years after their founding, the Razagrath empire had swelled to 100 times its original size, now engulfing the entire continent and its surrounding islands. However, the same tribes that had refused to join them before still deny the Razagrathians as rulers. They had also rallied under one banner and one man. The man’s name was Caliont, lord of the Seas. He led his now empire against the Razagrathians, encouraging rebellion and civil unrest.

The current Emperor, Marxus I, had declared Caliont and his followers enemies of the state, and declared formal war against him and his empire of Calia. The Razagrathian armies pushed Calia back to their last city along the western coast. When the Razagrathian army led by Lord General Nathaniel Tull, had arrived, the city was no where to be found. Tull reported back to Marxus I, saying that Caliont and his followers were dead and their city destroyed.

Expansion and the Discovery of Niotele


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